Support in the property investments


Investing a property in Cyprus is much easier when you have a team of real estate experts who know everything about the local market. Luckily for you, Crona Group offers a range of services to support you throughout the entire investment process.

Cyprus has become increasingly popular with international investors, attracting a growing community of British, Russian, Ukrainian, and Chinese expats who now call the island home. The island's entry into the Eurozone has given global investors a gateway to the European market. Additionally, Cyprus boasts one of the world's most attractive tax systems, featuring a low corporate tax rate, making it even more appealing to investors.

After receiving your individual requests and needs, our specialists will offer you a selection of reliable real estate investment options that meet your criteria. We provide efficient, results-oriented and client-focused solutions for real estate investors interested in a variety of commercial real estate asset classes. This is achieved through marketing and leasing strategies that deliver exceptional results and meet our clients' investment goals.

Our comprehensive support allows you to:

- Acquisition, disposition, and assignment – market research, coverage area analysis, and liquidity profiling

- Development assessment and implementation analysis

- Preliminary activities

- Project management for commercial and residential projects

- Legal due diligence

- Traditional and digital real estate marketing

- Property investment consulting

We aim to assist customers in investing in Cyprus by offering a variety of options for buying and investing in properties. With our extensive development portfolio, we strive to meet all client needs and find exactly what they are looking for. We're not just another development company; with over 15 years of experience, we are among the best in the business. Our approach is hands-on—we guide clients through every step of the process, ensuring that everything goes smoothly and meets all legal requirements.

For sure we also take care of the legal side, making the process as smooth and stress-free as possible; and once you've completed the purchase, we can also offer a maintenance, and management services to ensure that your investment stays in top condition.


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