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About Cyprus

About Cyprus

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and attracts tourists all year round with its lifestyle and wonderful leisure. In the recent years, this fertile sunny island has the leading position in the real estate investment ratings. 

Annually hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world come here to relax in the excellent climate on the comfortable fully equipped beaches and luxurious 5-star hotels. Please note that investing in Cyprus Real Estate is the best way of obtaining profitable results.


The advantages of Cyprus:

  • Cleanest and safest beaches in Europe
  • 300 days of sunshine a year.
  • Sophisticated infrastructure.
  • High standard in Healthcare.
  • Lowest crime rates in Europe.
  • Permanent Residence and EU citizenship for property buyers.
  • 90% English-speaking population.
  • European education.



Cyprus has been a member of the European Union since 2004, something that brought a lot of benefits, such as: heightened security, increasing employment opportunities and the lowest property prices compared to other EU countries.



Cyprus climate is considered one of the most favorable and healing in the world. It is warm and sunny almost all year round, even during winter, the temperature does not go lower than +10°C. During spring, Cyprus is astonishing, the colors of the blooming flowers make it colorful, lively and inspiring.

In the summer, the temperature reaches up to +40°C, which is the peak for the beach season, welcoming thousands of tourists who come here to swim in the crystal-clear water and enjoy the warmth of the sun whilst lying on the cozy beaches relaxing and tanning.


Another advantage of Cyprus, is the educational system which offers excellent opportunities of high-qualification and a wide range of perspectives in the future. Children start kindergarten at the age of 5, and it is obligatory for them to attend at least one year before going to school. The most prestigious English schools are situated in Limassol. Primary education is 6 years and secondary is 7. The last 2 years of secondary school, pupils are mostly preparing for university; doing their IGCSEs and A levels.

There are several Russian schools in Cyprus which are based on the Russian state educational programs, that take approximately 11 years.

There are 7 universities in Cyprus. The academic year is divided into 3 semesters: September to January, February to May, June to July.


Three State Universities:

  • The Cyprus State University;

  • Open University of Cyprus;

  • Technological University of Cyprus.


Four private universities:

  • University of Nicosia;

  • Cyprus College “Frederick”;

  • European University Cyprus;

  • University of Neapolis.


It’s rather easy to become a student in Cyprus. The university entrant-alien has to arrive in Cyprus a couple of weeks before classes start, register in the University of his/her preference and present a certificate of proficiency in English (in the case that it is not required to take the English Placement Test before registering for classes). It is important to know that studies start either in September or February.

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